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Our principal activity is manufacturing of commercial grade furniture. We make a full line of restaurant, hotel, home office and related marketplaces furnishings. The company pioneered tough, sturdy furniture at a cost effective range.

Here are the list of what we offered;

  1. Indoor/outdoor restaurant furniture
  2. Food court benches
  3. Condiment stations
  4. Fiberglass delivery box/Trash bin
  5. Industrial Trolleys
  6. Working tables/Training tables
  7. Custom order furniture
  8. Repair/Refurbished
  9. Upholstery
  10. Re-varnish/Re-coat

For other services you may want to apply. You can contact us at (632) 432-7012 / (632) 444-4368 or email us at inquiries@brossfurnitek.com.